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Highlight DIN member of the month

We are proud to announce our DIN member highlight of the Month, TOLANA!

Founders Steph and Andy, founded TOLANA in 2017, bringing together unique expertise and experiences, creating a small dynamic enterprise based in Rochester, New York.  Primarily Tolana operates in the mining and government contracting space providing technology solutions.

Utilising their vast expertise and experience in defense technology, TOLANA is also able to provide systems that use the existing infrastructure and methodologies of their clients and enhance that rather than requiring a complete tear-out and rebuild. This allows TOLANA to phase in the system implementation and make changes according to customer feedback. The result is a more effective system with less risk and cost.

Broadly TOLANA works with telecommunications systems incorporating technologies like cameras, drones, software applications, telemetry, sensors, etc. It’s very exciting and fast-moving as these technologies advance.  An advantage of a small company such as TOLANA, is that they are able to adapt and move with the technology innovations. 

It is important to note that TOLANA also supplies all the documentation, training, and post-sales support needed for all their clients, providing a full service offering.  Leaving the customer with a great experience will likely bring them back again.

TOLANA joined the Defense Industries Network (DIN) in hopes of collaborating with strategic members of DIN; TOLANA sees an opportunity with SME’s in Rochester, to work with each other to become, what the military call, a ‘force multiplier’. Smaller vendors and technology developers can pool resources, create working groups and forums to discuss common issues in the defense world etc. Also TOLANA is looking forward to some generic requirements like marketing assistance, datasheet development etc. that, as they scale, would deflect TOLANA from doing what they are best at.

Andy and Steph, founders of TOLANA