About Us

Defense Industries Network's focus is to inform, participate, and shape the defense industry community.


The Defense Industries Network drives strategic value in Upstate New York by identifying companies.

DIN is a non-partisan, non-profit, leadership association that has been designated by the IRS as a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization – not a lobby firm.


Our vision is that the engagement from the DIN membership is such that this community informs and shapes the future of the industry.


Simon Lambert

Co-Founder, CEO

Simon Lambert has over 35 years’ experience in military communications engineering in difficult and hostile environments across the world, in both the military and commercial sector. He has held engineering management positions in large defense and telecommunication equipment companies as well as starting two successful start-up enterprises. Founding Defense Industries Network is where he brings the contextual intelligence of delivering services for clients in non-permissive environments and leans into the technical and management skills developed serving in the British Special Forces and with commercial blue-chip companies as a telecommunications engineer.

Simon has gained valuable experience in managing and delivering services in emerging unstable economies and countries. Understanding resilience and relationships have been key to helping clients bridge the cultural and geographical gap with their customers. He intends to use these skills to bridge gaps within regional defense industry ecosystems.

Lambert will continue to operate Black Dog Communications, a dedicated technology service provider with offices in three countries.

Simon holds an MBA in Technology Management, is a Chartered Manager with the Chartered Management Institute, and a Chartered Engineer with the Institution of Engineering & Technology.

Jennifer Sertl

Co-Founder, COO

Jennifer Sertl has over 20 years of experience in organizational development and is internationally recognized for helping companies establish behavioral brands. She is the co-author of Strategy, Leadership, and the Soul and Upstate Founders Playbook. She is dedicated to strengthening strategic skills and helping leaders become more resilient, responsive, and reflective.

Jennifer has gained valuable skills as a Best Practice Chair for Vistage International where she helped 23 Upstate New York companies design for M & A with a particular focus on human capital.

Sertl will continue to operate Agility3R, a leadership development company.

Jennifer holds a BA in English and Philosophy from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Cameron Apt

Cameron Apt

Director of Programs

Cameron Apt is an emerging leader with a demonstrated history in the creation and implementation of various professional programs connecting interdepartmental.

Cameron believes helping people through the creation and enhancement of business begins with an internal change to promote essential momentum required for growth. He enjoys establishing priority targets through dynamic communication and effective collaboration to develop agile teams capable of sustaining superior results.

Apt will continue to maintain his role as Director of Athletic Performance Services at the University of Rochester Medical Center.

Cameron holds a STEM M.B.A in Strategy and Finance from the University of Rochester’s Simon Business School.